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Our goal is to provide freelancers, startups and technology talent from around the world with a productive and inspiring setting to pursue their dreams and efforts in a more fulfilling and healthy environment. Success is typically driven by working hard--and *smart*. Success leads to *happiness* if we can balance the road to get there. With today's technology and tools at hand, why not do so by working from an office in paradise: with a view of the ocean and taking a coffee break by riding the ATV, or a wave; or recharging with a meditation class at sunset or a walk on the white sand beach.
--Elion, Founder.


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SkyLoft is currently closed as a startup is exclusively occupying the space until further notice.

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Special Thanks

The SkyLoft team would like to express its deep gratitude to the following individuals that contribute(d) significantly to the existence, spirit & growing success of SkyLoft--THANK YOU!


Martin P.02 May 2017
Thanks for this "lofty" paradise with ocean view. I really enjoyed working here.
Kyla J.21 Apr 2017
I spent four weeks at Skyloft and would have loved to stay even longer! The wifi was great -- I am in video meetings all day for my job and never ran into any issues. It was actually more common for a US-based colleague to run into connection issues than it was for me. Elion has the wifi on a back up generator, so power outages that are common in Costa Rica were never an issue. The space is great and the beach is incredible. The most incredible part of my time at Skyloft was the community Elion created. I felt immediately welcomed into a group of caring, driven and passionate people. As my first time travelling solo, I was hesitant to make the trip. To anyone in the same spot -- stop thinking and just do it!
Pedro O.12 Apr 2017
Great coworking place. Gorgeous location, with an amazing view to the sea. Fast internet. Good vibes overall, met some really interesting people over there. Elion went the extra mile to make sure everyone feels 5*. Recommend!
Alexis O.12 Apr 2017
An inspiring view of the ocean. An out of the beaten track location. An intimate setting making it easy for new connections. A super fast internet connection. A spacious, clean and comfortable space. Many co working spaces aim to create that productive environment where work and fun merge. Skyloft nails it.
Mariah W.12 Apr 2017
There’s a lot of love at SkyLoft. From the immaculate design that give you the space to work productively to the mysterious way Elion and his family brings people together— it’s infused into every element of your experience. Coworking spaces in cities may offer you faster setups in terms of transportation and housing, but its unlikely they offer the magic that Playa Hermosa lovingly provisions. If you are vulnerable to adventures of SkyLoft, the world will arrive as a different place.
Ivo E.09 Apr 2017
The friendliest co-working space I've had the pleasure to work from. Stand-up desk, dumbbells and pull-up bar were just a mere icing of that great cake.
Lasse A.06 Apr 2017
Having been to a handful of coworking spaces over the last few years, SkyLoft is one of the most unique ones I've been at. You're in this place between beach and jungle in a somewhat remote part of Costa Rica, and yet you have fully working wifi and a working space that serves productivity surprisingly well. Finding accommodation in the area can be a bit tricky and you'll need some means of transportation to get around (SkyLoft rents out scooters and motorbikes), but once you're set, Santa Teresa and SkyLoft will offer you a uniqe experience. During my 2 months at SkyLoft I met a bunch of interesting and diverse people. With some it becomes sort of like a small family. On top of that Elion and Lacy are superb hosts and take really good care of everyone at SkyLoft. Other things to enjoy: fresh coconuts, Lacy's sandwiches, a swim break in the ocean (5 min scooter ride from SkyLoft), and the most amazing sunset I've ever seen from a coworking space. Thanks for having me, pura vida and see you next time :)
Rich L.03 Apr 2017
Big thanks to Elion, Lacy and Team. Skyloft is an amazing location with a fantastic high-speed internet connection which was integral to me completed a few projects while I was staying in Santa Teresa. Keep up the good works guys, I'll be back to paradise very soon. Thanks again, Rich
Becca L.27 Mar 2017
Hey SkyLoft with the beautiful sunset view! You're awesome and it was a magical part of my trip to get to visit you. Thanks for everything and hang ten
Dennis M.22 Mar 2017
I ended up in Skyloft after working/travelling for a couple of weeks in Panama and Costa Rica. During all of this time I was working from hostel beds, crappy tables or hotel lobbies. The difference couldn't have been bigger on my first day at Skyloft. Welcoming people, amazing views and a peaceful atmosphere. It was such a contrast with the weeks before that I forgot what real focused work could be. It's a shame I had to move and leave Elion's amazing place, otherwise I definitely would be there right now :)
Jonathan L.25 Feb 2017
Amazing & special place! Wish I could have stayed longer and intend to come back to check out the expanded version. Surf in the morning, code in the afternoon, and read the classics and/or dance by night ... not bad :)
Sky K.22 Feb 2017
Skyloft is great. Elion has gone to great heights - literally - to make sure you can get decent upload and download speeds in the middle of the jungle thanks to WAN connection back to San Jose. You may want to rent a quad if coming here daily is priority as it is a little bit off the beaten path from Santa Teresa.
Eric N.17 Jan 2017
I searched for weeks trying to find a quality co-working space near a beach that had good surf in all of Central and South America. Eventually I found SkyLoft and knew I had to go there. This was my first time traveling and working abroad and I couldn't be happier and more stoked on my decision to choose SkyLoft. I was there for a month and a half and experienced tons of adventures, met a lot of great and friendly people, and managed to stay productive in the relaxing environment that Elion and his family provide. Between surfing, yoga, riding motorcycles, sunset drinks, horseback riding, zip lining, deep sea fishing, jumping off of waterfalls, and the nightlife ... it's hard to want to leave this place. Thanks again to Elion and his family, I know I'll definitely be coming back in the near future. Pura Vida!
Peder H.29 Dec 2016
Elion and SkyLoft provided perfect service when I needed it the most. Had a scheduled skype interview the day after I arrived in Santa Teresa and needed a quiet place with the best possible internet connection. Elion proved to be a great and flexible host and accommodated all my requirements. I would highly recommend Elion and SkyLoft to anyone in need of a place to work/study or any other similar activity. Many thanks for the experience Elion!
Joakim B.14 Dec 2016
I quit my job back in Sweden to be able to get some web development skills and start out my freelance career in digital marketing. My remote year started out in SkyLoft which couldn’t have been a better starting point for the remote adventure. Elion was super helpful before and during my visit in Costa Rica. And SkyLoft, what a place. The loft is situated in the hills overlooking Playa Hermosa and the ocean - is their a better place to work? Don’t think so. For you who are worried about internet, stop thinking about it. Elion is a internet-in-the-djungle-master so he’s got everything sorted out! Thanks a lot SkyLoft, Elion, Lacie and Indigo for letting me work at your place for three months :) Best, Joakim
Frej L.06 Dec 2016
Skyloft was the perfect study place for me! Great space to go and focus everyday, internet was brilliant and Elion and Lacy was more than helpful my whole time there. I highly recommend skyloft! The sandwiches where excellent too, look forward to coming back!
Max P.05 Dec 2016
I worked on several freelance projects up in SkyLoft for roughly 6 weeks, and found it to be a perfect haven away from the hecticness of the hostel I was trying to work from originally down in Santa Teresa. Elion and his family were very welcoming and flexible to my needs, the workspace was fantastic - large, open and fresh which gave my mind space to think and breathe. The internet speed was more than I could have asked for and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend SkyLoft to anyone needing a space to work on any kind of project :)
J. Pablo E.13 Oct 2016
Awesome place for work , the good vibes and the excellent attention give us, become into new and fresh ideas, felt all days as were a weekend. I hope to get back soon.
Parag C.22 Sep 2016
Some people do their best work in cubicles under fluorescent lights, for the rest of us, working on the beach is a dream come true. SkyLoft is a unique place, with great ocean views, solid internet, open airy spaces and cool people. imagine being in the jungle with great surf but being able to have seamless video calls pretty amazing. Highly recommend!
Alexander P.09 Sep 2016
It was a wonderful experience, the office is very comfortable, even though I was working everyday felt like it was weekend. Which makes it a very stressfree environment.
Jean L.08 Sep 2016
Third time visiting Santa Teresa, first time co-working at SkyLoft. Planned a work-in-nature trip with a few colleagues and it was truly amazing, the energy there is relaxing yet packed with a creative vibe which I have not experienced elsewhere. If you ever visit SkyLoft be sure to try Lacy's epic energy packed sandwich for lunch, truly designed to feed all mind, body and soul.
Mark D.19 Aug 2016
We've been coming to Santa Teresa for 10 years now spending the whole summer and I've always struggled to find a quiet reliable place to work while the family spends the day surfing or venturing through the jungle. I discovered SkyLoft this year and was absolutely blown away. It's a relaxed professional environment, surrounded by nature overlooking the pacific. The juxtaposition of being able to conduct business with super fast internet in a beautiful, quiet professional environment surrounded by monkeys in the trees and watching whales breach is absolutely amazing. I feel very fortunate to have discovered SkyLoft and am looking forward to the next time
Tom H.19 Aug 2016
My second visit to skyloft and it did not disappoint! I was able to seamlessly work with my team in New York the whole week with fast, reliable internet which held up well for video calls. The beach and the town provide a nice change of pace from city life, while still developed enough to offer plenty of international food options. This time I rented a scooter from Slav, another Skylofter, whice was nice as it meant one less thing to worry about. Elion was again helpful with suggesting accommodation options. Will return again, pura vida
Dietmar S.04 Aug 2016
Indigo, Lacy und Elion sind sehr nette und hilfsbereite Gastgeber, hier fühlt man sich wohl und kann sich auf das konzentrieren was man machen möchte, nämlich arbeiten. Im Urlaub will ich möglichst schnell und effektiv Arbeiten, genau dies ist im SkyLoft möglich. Das Internet ist schnell genug um in Remoteumgebungen ohne Verzögerungen zu Arbeiten. Die ganze Abwicklung ist schnell und unkompliziert (Rechnung, Essen, Trinken usw.). Ich werde auch in der Zukunft sehr gerne denn Service von SkyLoft in Anspruch nehmen.
Janette G.26 Jul 2016
SkyLoft to the rescue! During a working vacation in Costa Rica the wifi is out at my guesthouse. SkyLoft was recommended by a friend and a total godsend! Reliable wifi, a jaw dropping view, comfortable, clean, great coffee + Elion + Lacy are truly magnificent! Not to mention Lacy makes a veggie sandwich to die for! It's so good to know there's a way to keep working while enjoying paradise. Thank you Elion + Lacy...we will be back!
Katharina N.18 Jul 2016
Best working place for digital nomads and other adventurers, who love fast wifi, nature, wild animals and nice people. It's a comfortable and calm place for an inspiring working atmosphere. Elion did a great work to create this unique jungle working space. If you are a digital nomad, you simply HAVE to go there :)
Kaz C.18 Jul 2016
We live just 10 minutes from SkyLoft. I had 2 hours of important Skype calls and the Green Season was giving us brief black outs for days. A lovely afternoon at SkyLoft took care of out of country business in the most pleasant of places.
Marcela C.08 Jul 2016
Spectacular location, views and features. Amazing for work/play balance. Relaxing and creative environment suited for everyone who needs to step out of the classic four wall office space.
Matt B.07 Jul 2016
There is no better place for collaborative working, strategic planning, and creative brainstorming on ANY continent (not only Central America) than SkyLoft of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica (a.k.a. Silicon Beach). The beauty of the region is unparalleled and the amenities are never lacking despite the wild terrain of the tropical forest surrounding SkyLoft. WiFi is secure and strong. And the low key vibe of the space reduces any unwanted stress that is often associated with whether or not one fits in or not. But one of the greatest aspects of SkyLoft is the diversity of cultures and nations represented there any given day.
Lemuel B.05 Jul 2016
When you think about a place where you can let your overworked brain relax and find new freedoms, Santa Teresa hits the spot. The problem for most people that want to change the world is that they cannot sit still. Sitting on the beach alone can be grueling. Yea, its great to get a break and read a book but our brain needs and craves stimulation, challenge, and progress. Socially, we want to connect and learn from others so that we can continue to improve. What I love about Skyloft is that you don't have to compromise. You get it all. Its amazing to think that in such a remote location you can interact with some of the worlds most talented and most thoughtful people. You also get to enjoy amazing foods, great activities, and rest. The epic sunsets and beauty in nature and in people is incredible here. The access to our most connected tool, The Internet, is amazing and Elion has really done a great job with this community.
Riyadh D.20 Jun 2016
Great place to spend a day hacking out of remote business. I'll be back soon!
Caroline B.26 May 2016
Skyloft is an amazing place to work with a beautiful view, super calm, and really cool people around. Especially if you need a strong internet connection this is the place to be cause its hard to find a good internet connection in Santa teresa if you need to work. The sandwiches were also super delicious :-) Thanks guys for the great working day at your space. Im definitely looking forward to come back. Caro
Lorena M.20 May 2016
Thanks Elion & Lacy for an amazing experience and space to work! We hope to be back soon!
Devon H.21 Apr 2016
SkyLoft has been an incredible gem in my month in Costa Rica! Finding a modern co-working facility set into the lush jungle and overlooking the ocean was an unexpected treat. The internet connection is stable and very fast (especially for this part of the world). The open-air environment gives you the best elements of being in Costa Rica, but with all the accoutremonts you'd expect in any co-working facility (and then some). Tasty and healthy food, snack, and drink options abound, although my favorite was the amazing homemade sandwiches that Lacy created for lunch. Sticking a straw into a fresh chilled coconut was my second favorite, although drinking it while on a video scrum may make your co-workers hate you...:) The other folks working there were always super friendly, and working on interesting projects, using a wide range of skills. It created a laid back, very comfortable, hacker culture in the space. Elion, and his family, were also amazing: helpful, relaxed, and just GOOD people. Elion went out of his way to help make me feel at home, and give me the lay of the land of the local towns: where to eat, where to party, what to do, what to see, etc.. I look forward to returning and highly recommend the SkyLoft, and Elion, to anyone venturing into this part of paradise!
Francis D.11 Apr 2016
I truly had a great time working out of SkyLoft. Great space, awesome people. Elion was an absolutely fantastic host. I'm looking forward to my next visit!
Conni B.09 Apr 2016
Amazing co-working space in paradise, cool vibe and fantastic environment! Elion is creating something truly awesome and I can't wait to return :)
Tom H.29 Mar 2016
Thanks to Skyloft and its hosts Elion and Lacy for a remarkable experience during my two months in Santa Teresa! I got so much done while I was here, while also getting to surf, explore, learn some Spanish and meet some amazing people! The fact that Skyloft is cultivating an intellectual and startup community in a beautiful beach town is a unique and awesome thing. The internet is also top notch, as are Lacy's sandwiches :) I'll surely be back. Pura vida!
Max B.13 Mar 2016
I had the pleasure and honour to attend a "Silicon Beach" Special Event at SkyLoft and present my astronomy startup project "Astrovent" to a variety of very interesting and open minded entrepreneurs. I immediately fell in love with the place and can´t wait to come back! The SkyLoft itself is an amazing and inspiring workplace that combines both a professional IT infrastructure with a comfy and highly appealing work environment. You´ll enjoy working right in the middle of the jungle with an amazing ocean view on top. Also, if you come to Sky Loft, better prepare to meet a bunch of fun and inspiring people! If you´d like to work from abroad or take a creative/productive time out, SkyLoft is the ideal place for you: Santa Teresa offers anything you´ll need, from affordable accommodation to cool bars, surf trips and great restaurants that are run by nice people from all over the world! SkyLoft truly is an "Event Space in Paradise" in an absolutely stunning jungle and beach scenery! It would be an understatement if I´d say I can "recommend" this place! Just go there and experience it for yourself! Last but not least: Thank you very much to Elion and Lacy for the great event and your outstanding hospitality!
Jeff G.12 Mar 2016
Wow! What an experience. Amazing place where I was able to stream live on my twitch channel, Only place in the area with high enough upload speed. Thanks again back for sure!
Bryan S.22 Feb 2016
I had a really good experience working out of skyloft. The facility is clean and has solid wifi (no comparison to the other wifi I used while in Santa Teresa). Oh - and the view aint too bad either. Elion is incredibly helpful and was a great host. I am sure I will be back at some point in the near future.
Michael M.13 Feb 2016
Thank you Skyloft. Your view of the ocean and sunset were amazing. A definite return is in order.
Jeffrey A.13 Feb 2016
Kudos to Elion and his family for creating such a wonderful space to work, brainstorm and bring life to new ideas. My business partner Michael and I came to complete the plan for our upcoming payment service and we made a lot of progress in the 5 days we were here. We return to San José with renewed vigor and optimism. We'll be back soon!
Jessica P.12 Feb 2016
I loved setting up office here! Elion and Lacy were super attentive and the space is inspiring and great for getting work done. Will definitely be back often!
Chris P.12 Feb 2016
love skyloft! amazing setting, super nice people, productive vibe, fast and stable internet (!!), good coffee, great views ... if you want to get stuff done in this area there is no better place than skyloft ... good luck with the project!
Fred R.10 Feb 2016
An internet oasis in an internet desert - speed & reliability 100% Great vibe - friendly, welcoming & accommodating Cool, fresh air up in the hills, with huge Pacific ocean views! All in all, a totally rocking place to work... Thank you Elion!
Bryan S.09 Feb 2016
Robin rules.
Elion C.09 Feb 2016
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