Silicon Paradise Spirit

A true "Silicon Paradise" has been slowly but steadily emerging on the southern Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica over the last decade. A place where high-tech entrepreneurs and top talent are inspired to come up with not just any next big thing--but the things that will drive positive social and ecological change. More than ever do the next generations depend on our ability to innovate not just for money, but for our environment, mental health, social and physical wellbeing. Our goal is to provide freelancers, startups and technology talent from around the world with a productive and inspiring setting to pursue their dreams and efforts in a more fulfilling and healthy environment. Success is typically driven by working hard--and *smart*. Success leads to *happiness* if we can balance the road to get there. With today's technology and tools at hand you can do so by working from an office in paradise: with a view of the ocean and taking a coffee break by riding the ATV, or a wave; or recharging with a meditation class at sunset or a walk on the white sand beach.

Pura vida,



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